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Disney Channel Reviews

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  • Disney channel's recent shows

    I feel that the Disney channel now isn't as good as it used to be back then... A lot of the shows like that's so raven, Kim possible, even Steven, Lizzie McGuire, Phil of the future, suite life of Zack & Cody, the proud family, Lilo & Stitch, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, the replacements and American Dragon: Jake Long are way better than the modern shows they have replaced them with... I would like to see these older shows more often on Disney because I feel that they are better and more entertaining More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • terrible treatment of girls hair

    I was watching a recent episode of "Jessie" entitled "ping dumped love". There is a scene where the black girls comes out with her natural hair out and all of the comments are very negative about her hair. There are never any complaints about the lifeless,dull hair of the other characters and yet you all have chosen to add a negative tone to the one black girl on the show. This show is watched by all people from different backgrounds and no one should have to feel bad about their appearance based off of what your show says. There is nothing wrong with African American... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Deedee321's Picture   Deedee321    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney xd sucks bring back toon Disney and jetix

    Hello your shows on Disney xd and Disney Jr suck ass I am a 16 year old 17 year old in may 2015 I remember the good cartoons on Disney lilo and stitch Kim possible recess and many more the old cartoons had life lessons morals and trust and values I feel bad for the kids who are growing up in today's world I talk to strangers family and friends they all said Disney sucks nowadays know why put out stupid shows like Jessie and ant farm and those other stupid shows all these actors can't act .or sing at all stop using your record laugh track the jokes a.aren't funny at all Disney... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Blake777's Picture   Blake777    0 Comments   Comments
  • disneys horrer movies

    Disney chanal went down after that's so raven and whent back up. But now i am watching disney and "monstober" is terrible. First, this is a childrebs channle. Second, half of the religions do not worship this no offence demonistic movies. Such as evermoor. Below there r more reviews about this terible hooror and the least they can do is have less witchcraft comersionls . More...
    (Cable TV)
  • girl meets world promotes smoking

    Me and my kids are watching Disney and "Girl meets World" in the episode "Girl Meets Popular" there is a kid wearing a shirt that has Albert Einstein smoking a tobacco pipe with flames coming out of it. Now my kid wants to know where he can get a pipe so flames come out of it. Now tell me how Im suppose to deal with this when I shouldn't of been asked this because someone thought it would be a good idea to let a kid where a shirt that promotes smoking! Im very disappointed and are considering starting a petition to have the show shut down! More...
    (Cable TV)
    g23accord's Picture   g23accord    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney channel babysitters a vampire

    I am appalled at what I am seeing! Just put my kids to bed and come back and wondering if the Disney channel had been switched while I was gone because there are scary vampires with glowing eyes and fangs talking about "taking people out". What the heck??? Disney channel you are not USA, TNT, etc. you are a KIDS channel. You do not need to compete with the horror junk that I have to monitor especially during October because it will give my kids nightmares. There is scary fun and then there is scary horror. You have gone too far! You have tipped over to dark humor with this. Take... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jminer417's Picture   Jminer417    1 Comments   Comments
  • Star Wars Complaints

    Please, me and many friends I have asked and consulted are upset about how the new "Star Wars: Rebels" seems childish. I under stand that may be your target audience but what about the older kids watching the clone wars? That show was wonderful. I have asked and consulted many, many people and they say they loved the show and are disappointed about the decision to get rid of it. Either I received falsi information or there was a Season 7 planned out. Please bring back the show. Also I know this message is of 0 significance to you, but please consider. That show was wonderful.... More...
  • Disney channel new show

    The new Henry Danger show is cute. My kids love it. BUT the horrible little chubby RUDE DISRESPECTFUL OBNOXIOUS LOUD kid sister just gives the show a bad taste. She is a horrible role model. Even my own 6 yr old mutes the TV when she comes on. I will not allow them to watch her scenes. Does she even SPEAK? Crazy thing is she's NOT even funny. You can have a funny silly kid but her role is awful. Takes away her cuteness. I'm very disappointed Disney! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Lpny25's Picture   Lpny25    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney channel consumer complaint

    Whatever happened to the old Disney! The shows nowadays are kinda dumb. I still watch the old shows on YouTube. Like the show recess, lilo and stitch, the proud family, the emperors new school,Kim possible, Lizzie McGuire, Sonny with a chance, and thats so raven. Those where the classics. They were funny and GREAT SHOWS. The new shows nowadays have no point in watching. At least pass a day where they pass some old Disney shows like Nickelodeon does. I can only find like 4 episodes of the proud family on youtube. I don't know if they still do this, but when I was little, they passed ABC... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Retro775's Picture   Retro775    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney Channel Consumer Complaint

    It's sad how I'd used to leave it on Disney all day, but now I turn it before seeing what's on. The shows have no true meaning and the actor and actresses have no chemistry! Some of the shows names doesn't match the plot of the show, for example 'I Didn't Do It'. What did they not do? And the shows on set look terrible. You could back in the day when they were on set but it still looked decent. And a lot of shows used to be filmed in a real location like ' Life With Derek' or 'Phil Of The Future'. The spin-offs are horrible. 'Girl... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Quack Pack horror on Disney JUNIOR!!!!

    we're supposed to feel safe leaving our 3 years old child for 15 minutes on Disney Junior!! But here I come and see my poor boy TERRIFIED watching the quack pack episode with the hunted castle and ghosts carrying their head off and a violence scene with a spirit beating down the poor duck repeatedly!!!! COME ON!!! is that the "modern magic" of Disney? the one we've been raised on was much more enlighting, I wish my boy could be as happy about disney as I was when I was his age :( and please ban this quack pack show from Disney JUNIOR channel! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Joumanakassis's Picture   Joumanakassis    0 Comments   Comments
  • New Disney channel sucks being the old one back

    Disney channel now a days is terrible the shows are fake. There's absolutely nothing funny about them. They are stupid. Stupid animated shows,nothing real anymore. If y'all actually took a look at you're ratings after you play only 2 old Disney shows. It's probably higher than it has been all year. No one likes them. If you were to check twitter and see the hashtags such as #BRINGTHEOLDDISNEYBACK you would see how much people miss it. You need to play these shows on a regular basis. Hannah Montana,Lizzie McGuire, suite life of ZACH and Cody, that's so raven, even... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Cowgirlup1717's Picture   Cowgirlup1717    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad

    Disney no longer plays all the old shows! The new shows aren't really creative or even funny!!!! I want old disney back like Lilo & Stitch , That's so Raven , Even Stevens , Kin Possible , The Proud Family and more ! Also these shows teach my younger family members nothing whatsoever ! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Dynasty18's Picture   Dynasty18    0 Comments   Comments

    I am really upset with disney channel nowadays. Everything suckss on it and its all fake and its all the same and very irritating and its not funny at all. why does everyone on disney channel have to act so dumb why cant it be real and talk about real stuff that teenagers actually go through like the shows back then. i feel like its not fair for us to have shitty shows. i feel like the shows that you show on disney is very babyish and not for teenagers at all and im not even sure whos disney channel is target at because its confusing. i know that times have changed but thats no exuse to... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    mssheek's Picture   mssheek    0 Comments   Comments
  • Really?

    I loved boy meets world, and so I started watching Girl Meets World, and I loved it until....the third episode. The stereotyped shushing librarian is dead, librarians today are different. We use 3D printers, have zombie parties, and free comic book day! Why not show how librarians are now! I am very disappointed! More...
    (Cable TV)
    gem1206's Picture   gem1206    0 Comments   Comments
  • Old Disney

    For starters, the new Disney shows suck! The only one l watch is Austin and Ally because it is the least annoying! I miss all the old shows from 2003-2007 just like everyone else but another thing l miss is the fact that Disney didn't use to hide everything from us! People can't kiss anymore and if they do they have to be hidden! Every little girl and teenage girl loves a love story and when you build one up and then don't allow for the big kiss or a few natural couple kisses it totally kills the romance! I realize Disney is not all about romance but everyone likes a good... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mermer898's Picture   mermer898    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney channel

    The shows that air on disney channel arent very good. The shows are repetitive and the "humor" in it isnt very funny, just annoying and stupid. I dont know if you know this, but many people agree with me when i say "disney is going down hill. The shows are terrible". Not only that but a lot of people want the old disney shows back. (Dave the barbairan, bear in the big blue house, lizze mcguirre, kim possible, and basically everything before 2010). We all enjoyed those shows when we were younger and still enjoy to watch them and we want younger generations to enjoy these... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    kimmyps's Picture   kimmyps    0 Comments   Comments

    If your not gonna put on good shows from 2003-2007 im going to start a protest I'l walk around with a sign in front of your place if you don't do it not only will it be me it will be a lot of people kids of all ages i got on my side so please bring the old shows back you are not listening to us people who want the old shows and I'm getting tired of seeing these stupid shows. More...
    (Cable TV)
    No1one's Picture   No1one    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney channel shows

    Your current programming is bothersome. I would like you to use Disney xd as a channel to air 90s and early 2000 programming. It seems as though Disney XD and Disney Channel are interchangeable and air the same 4 shows all day and night. There's a real trend with nostalgia right now for the 90s as most of your original Disney Channel viewers were growing up in the 90s. It would be good to bring back Disney Afternoon! Which is all the animated shows: Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin.. But also Quack Pack, Winnie The Pooh, Little Mermaid, Timon & Pumba, Goof Troop, Doug, Under The Umbrella... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Kt90's Picture   Kt90    0 Comments   Comments
  • Doreamon changed scenes?

    I know there are some things kids can't handle. But if you don't think kids can't handle it DONT AIR IT. As an artist I know exactly how it feels to have someone mess with your art. I saw one scene where you changed something into what looked like an IPad? What was the point of that? That's like taking the old amazing spider man: in colouring! And redrawing all the scenes. That's not the amazing spider man anymore that's a whole new tv show. Why fix something that's not broken? If it turns out you changed all the scenes I will do everything in my power to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Zelda0909's Picture   Zelda0909    0 Comments   Comments
  • A.N.T. Farm. Episode: PerformANTS

    I would like to complain about this episode. This episode, features a band "Blood Butcher," Which I assume is a parody of the band Black Veil Brides. I am into screamo, hardcore, metal music. I was watching TV with a girl I was babysitting and this episode came on. I would like to say that i am very displeased with the way that you had portrayed the punk, harcore kids. Not all of us are like that. And the screamo music? The lyrics? It was awful. The lyrics our bands use are more like, " Never give up, never back down, When you feel lost, fight at all costs." Uplifting,... More...
    (Cable TV)
    nanasty's Picture   nanasty    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fix the Schedule and bring back A&A

    I Was Wondering Why Teen Sitcoms are Blocked in Philippines?Pls Explain and Austin & Ally is one of them so me and my 3 year old sister really miss it and we also miss jessie. I just can't imagine that 2 great shows are replaced by a dramatic show!This Show is named: Violetta Obviously Violetta has no match for A&A. bring it back.I also red some of the complains most of it is about:GLC Lesbian Couple,Missing The Old Shows and of course about bringing this show back and not even one review defends Violetta so just BRING IT BACK!And By The Way I also like Good Luck Charlie I know... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Ty517's Picture   Ty517    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bring Back The Old Shows

    The new Disney channel shows make the actors look stupid. Plus the plots on these shows like Jesse, Austin and Ally, and especially Dog with a Blog make me feel dumber. Please bring back old shows like Lizzie Miguire, That's so Raven, The suite Life of Zack and Cody ( not on deck), Even Stevens, and Hannah Montana. The only show I've really like in the past 5 years is I didn't do it. But please bring these shows back and NOT ON DISNEY REPLAY WITH ONLY PLAYS LIKE 1 SHOW EVERY OTHER WEEK AT 1:00 IN THE MORNING! More...
    (Cable TV)
    DJPL's Picture   DJPL    1 Comments   Comments

    These Tv Shows Are CRAZY Now A Days. Kids Dont Know REAL Tv Shows Untill They Seen Lizzie McGuire, Phil Of The Future, Thats So Raven, Hannah Montana, Proud Family, The List Goes On And On. No One Likes Dog With A Blog, And Stuff Like That. Either Bring The Old Shows Back Or Make A Whole New Tv Station With Just 90's Shows. Its The Summer Time And We Shouldnt Have To Stay Up Untill 11:30 To See Old Shows. You Guys Made A Disney Xd Wich Nobody Likes, So Why Not Play All Old Shows All Day Long On A Seperate Disney Channel Station. I Bet You Gain Alot More Views Including Children, Teens,... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Good Luck Charlie Lesbianism

    I am HIGHLY disappointed that Disney continues to target children with the homosexual agenda. Having a lesbian couple on the show "Good Luck Charlie" was just unnecessary. Really? Okay, if the company which has for years catered to the homosexual lifestyle, wants to proport this behavior, then at least STOP pushing it down children's throats. Stop brainwashing kids! If lesbianism and homosexual activities were natural, then not only would the animal kingdom practice this behavior, but the complexities involved in "mating" would not require so much extra work!! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    errica's Picture   errica    6 Comments   Comments
  • Bring back old shows

    When I was little disney channel was all I watched but now when my sister and cousins come over the shows there's no relating to reality anymore are you trying to tell me a real dog can talk and write blogs WTF are you trying to teach kids Please I beg of disney come back to reality and bring all the old shows back that made sense like Kim Possible with more new episodes and more new episodes of other old shows I sorry to say but now disney channel blows I wouldn't even spit in disney channels direction I'm very very sure people agree with me on this fix up otherwise no one... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Mayowa's Picture   Mayowa    1 Comments   Comments
  • We want our disney back

    I need the old Disney ever since the shows with actual meaning left Disney such as; that so raven, the proud family, etc. I have totally stop watching Disney a lot of us want disney channel like woah the logo is starting to change these chappy shows such as shake it up and liv and maddie like I understand "walt" is gone but since he has been gone you make disney more child like we have enough of the child networks. In 2008 I wouldn't even touch a phone, computer or anything I would just sit up and watch Hannah Montana. This disney makes my stomach churn like what happened to... More...
    (Cable TV)

    (Cable TV)
    Brookielynnn's Picture   Brookielynnn    0 Comments   Comments
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