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Disney Channel Reviews

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  • Disney's Dog with a Blog-Avery to thin

    I have caught this show on TV a few time with my daughters and did pay much attention until recently. Having an actress on that is 15 years old and looks that unhealthy, far to thin, is just promoting poor body image in young girls. I have no choice but to ban that show in my house!! Now I am not an over weight person. I am 5'6" tall and I weigh 120lbs. So I am healthy but I WILL NOT let my 2 little girls think that is the way you are suppose to look. You should be ashamed of yourselves for casting that young girl. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    TMack123456's Picture   TMack123456    0 Comments   Comments
  • Old shows

    Hello. I would like to give some sort of compliant for the 90s kids who used to watch Disney channel. Now since you guys change everything I hate watching Disney channel I feel like its so stupid it doesn't grab my attention like it once did. Now I prefer to watch nickelodeon because they keep some of the shows I use to watch when I was a little girl. I really wish you guys didn't stop showing that's so raven because like every other person they can agree that's this show focused on many good issues such racism, drugs, stealing, lying,etc the list goes on. That's... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Watnise's Picture   Watnise    0 Comments   Comments
  • I didn't do it the TV show

    I for one don't like to complain, I like Disney. When I saw the new show "I Didn't Do It" I was shocked, I'm not trying to get the show cancelled or anything like that it's just when I saw. It,it seemed liked the show was supporting cliques and encouraging the idea that you shouldn't try to make new friends. I didn't like how the group of friends acted so exclusive toward the new kid in school. Even at my school we are taught to welcome new students not to try to cut them out of our social circles because they are to "boring" or anything... More...
    Francesbest's Picture   Francesbest    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good Luck Charlie lesbian play date

    As a parent I have always encouraged my children to watch GLC. I thought the writers of the show were excellent and we would sit as a family and laugh and have an enjoyable family evening together. poor decision on the two moms show. I'm so glad it's off the air. Who knows where you were heading. I'm sure my one voice means nothing to a corporation as yours. If enough people voice there concern to the cable providers then you may pay attention. Very disappointed. It's obviously all about the dollar with Disney. More...
    (Cable TV)
    asa857's Picture   asa857    1 Comments   Comments
  • Modern Shows

    I think that some of these new shows are not very good. I think that because your new programs make some of the kids/teenagers look dumb. Strong female lead characters like Selena Gomez and Bridgit Mendler provide girls with positive role models. Plus, when you get rid of all the good shows I get very frustrated because I and many others enjoy watching them. Good Luck Charlie, Shake it Up,and Wizards of Waverly place were good shows because they were original. Austin and Ally, Jessie,Dog with a blog, and Liv and Maddie are good shows but the other new shows like Wonder Over Yonder... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    msknowitall's Picture   msknowitall    0 Comments   Comments
  • I want the old disney back!!!!

    I dont know what you think you are doing with disney channel but you obviously have no brains at all. Liv and Maddie, Dog with the Blog, Jessie, Austin and Ally etc. are stupid. Please bring back the old disney. The shows from Toon Disney were the best. They were funny and actually made me happy when I was younger. Bring back Kim Possible, Recess, Lilo and Stitch, House of Mouse, The Proud Family, American Dragon, Wizards of Waverly Place! Those and so many more. Those were amazing shows. Dont show them at nigh when nobody is awake. Cant you at least make a separate channel and show old... More...
    (Cable TV)
    MnM0323's Picture   MnM0323    0 Comments   Comments
  • Birth control/sex commercials on Disney

    Beware! Now we all know what Disney's real motives are. These sex commercials being broadcast for young children to see is a real eye-opener. My kids (5 and 8) viewed it while watching "Dispicable Me" at 6 pm! They referred to it as the "stripping commercial", where people take of their own and each others. Thank goodness they have no idea what is really going on. Disney, you have gone over the edge and cannot be trusted with our children anymore. This is a very sad commentary on our country and culture. Disney is blocked completely from our home now and we are... More...
    america9097's Picture   america9097    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney Chaney 'That's so gay' commercials

    I am very disappointed that Disney channel has chosen to inundate small children with these commercials. Disney has to acknowledge that small children are not the target audience for these commercials. Disney use to be the station I thought was safe for my young children. I can tell them not to watch a show I don't want them to see but I can not get away from the commercials. I shouldn't have to explain to my 6 and 8 year old what 'that's so gay' means. Ironically none of my children had heard the term used before the commercials started to air. Now my 5th grader... More...
    SevenStrong's Picture   SevenStrong    2 Comments   Comments
  • Thats so Gay commerical with Hilary Duff

    I had a few minutes to watch TV which I never get to do and Justin my 10yr old son was watching Disney channel when a commercial came on with Hilary Duff to teach ppl not to say " Thats so gay" and how it offends ppl. REALLY?? I understand to a degree what you are trying to get across by not offending ppl, but what about offending traditional families that support your channel! What about Christian families that watch your channel! Can you say liberal Hollywood trying to force validation, force this on families, force this on children! speaking for myself def considering getting... More...
    TB1981's Picture   TB1981    1 Comments   Comments
  • Good Luck Charlie Two Moms episode

    Well, I will now be blocking the Disney Channel%u2026 Which is unbelievable to me%u2026 To put a mature topic like gay families on a children's TV show is so disrespectful to all families, much less conservative families (which are your bread and butter) and I no longer let my children watch your shows, see your movies or buy Disney products. To surprise parents with a forced and age INappropriate conversation is so unfortunate. You caved to the political pressure of a small vocal group and upset a large and powerful one. I wish I could return all of my DVDs and iTunes purchases.... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    sdial's Picture   sdial    2 Comments   Comments
  • Good Luck Charlie episode 2 moms

    I truly could not believe my eyes while watching this episode with my 3 children. I can not believe the Disney channel would put this in a kids show. As we are very conservative, Good Luck Charlie is one of the few shows I have allowed my children to watch being that it was clean and funny. This is so sad to me, and it was so unnessesary to put this content in a kids show. It's NOT ok. We have decided to never watch this show again or any Disney programs from now on, I will not support this content anymore and do not want to have to sit and monitor future episodes just incase! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Safetyfirst's Picture   Safetyfirst    1 Comments   Comments
  • Good Luck Charlie Episode w/2 moms

    I was so very disappointed with the latest episode of Good Luck Charlie with Lesbian Moms. Thank Goodness I was watching this episode with my son. There are a few occasions that I allow him to watch Disney Channel shows by himself, no longer will this be happening. In fact we may cancel this subscription to Disney Channel completely since I can't trust content. I was for the most part pleased with Disney's programming until now. I would often say that this is the only channel we watch. Not anymore. I don't agree with Same Sex marriage. As Parents it is OUR choice when... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Good Luck Charlie

    I am appalled by the new Good Luck Charlie episode where Charlie has a friend with two moms. I have never been one to openly express my feelings about same sex couples, but the Bible clearly says it is a sin. We are all sinners in one way or another, and I do not judge anyone on their sins. I have friends who are gay and have never said a word to them. Living in it, and throwing it into our kids' shows are TWO different things!! Allow us to raise our children the way we choose to (by God's Word) and don't corrupt them by making a sin appear to be okay and bringing it... More...
    (Cable TV)
    amadmommy's Picture   amadmommy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good Luck Charlie Final Episode

    I am a 31 yr. old mother of two kids. 8Yr. old son and 4 yr. old daughter. We always look forward to sitting down as a family to watch Good Luck Charlie. The show is very funny and the characters on the show are very funny! I was always pleased with the show content that seemed fitting for all age groups. Well that changed this past Sunday. I was shocked to see that a childrens network would put a lesbian couple on a show that has young viewers watching. This was not needed and had no point to the story. I decided to not allow my kids to view this and they were very upset since they... More...
    glitter389's Picture   glitter389    1 Comments   Comments

    My 6 year old daughter loves Good Luck Charlie, and sadly it will no longer be playing in our home nor will the Disney channel. It's sad that a Children's station has to fit in and become the way of the world! Lesbian and Gay people have no right to be in a child's show!! This is the way of the world not as God would see or have it. The bible plainly speaks against it! It's not that you were born that way, or that you were pushed into it. Yea society may push that way but IT"S a choice and I CHOOSE to be against it because it's not wroth sending my soul... More...
    AJAP's Picture   AJAP    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good Luck Charlie episode with "Two Moms"

    I'm sick at the fact that Disney is now pushing immorality on our children. We've watched Good Luck Charlie for 3+ years and for the first time, I had to change the channel. I'm very disappointed in Disney allowing the influence of homosexuality into our homes. My 4 year old asked me why I changed the channel and I told her I'll explain it to her when she older. If people want to live in sin, that's between them and God but don't push your immorality on our children and on people who live according to the Word of God. My family will not be viewing this... More...
    ichat3's Picture   ichat3    1 Comments   Comments
  • Good Luck Charlie Letdown!

    I am SO sad about the recent Good Luck Charlie episode with the 2 moms! Good Luck Charlie was my family's favorite show. We always looked forward to watching each new episode together. This recent one was such a letdown! I know the world wants to force their views of acceptance to homosexuals, but I wish Disney Channel would have stayed out of it. Yeah, we all need to be nice to everyone no matter what, but it doesn't mean we have to support and promote certain lifestyles as normal and okay. We used to like Disney Channel for its innocent and comical family... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mj990111's Picture   mj990111    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint for the Good Luck Charlie episode

    I am deeply angered that this afternoon I sat down to watch the recorded episode from last nights Good Luck Charlie, and was completely blindsided by the lesbian couple content. Disney is an entertainment industry for CHILDREN. The decision to put this issue in front of an audience of children was not only irresponsible and inconsiderate. But it was also highly disrespectful to parents who perhaps were not ready to address this adult issue. We're done with the Disney channel and these shows that are obviously no longer written to entertain children, but now used to push an... More...
    (Cable TV)
    lswizek's Picture   lswizek    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hated the two moms on Good Luck Charlie - Disney Channel

    Luckily, my daughter is 12 years old. We always have Disney Channel on in our house. We love Good Luck Charlie. I don't appreciate them introducing gay couples on a show that caters to young children. I would not be comfortable explaining this to my daughter if she was 7 years old. unfortunately, I had to have that talk with her last year when two men won the amazing race and kissed in the finale. She just looked at me in horror. I was upset about that then, too. I don't mind that people are gay - just stop trying to make it look normal. It isn't. And to such a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    RJNMOM's Picture   RJNMOM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good luck Charlie 2 moms

    I really could have done without the 2 moms on Good Luck Charlie tonight! We quit watching Nickelodeon because of the uncle and uncle episode of Victorious. Luckily it was only my husband and I that caught that and not my daughter! We've waited all week to watch this episode and I just wanted to have a relaxing night but now I get to answer a million questions I was not ready to answer right now! I really think you could have had a great episode without this! H More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Msmom's Picture   Msmom    10 Comments   Comments
  • Extreme Insult

    I was watching Disney Channel just now. I was watching the episode of Ant Farm where Dixon dumps Olive for a Russian girl. When Chyna was trying to run away from the girl she told her to count to 20. So the girl started saying random numbers, letters, and colors. I found this extremely, extremely offensive being russian myself. My mother speaks russian and English as a second language and the girl speaking such bad English is a complete disgrace and insult to russian-Americans. The episode should be taken off the air. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    lenaluv57's Picture   lenaluv57    0 Comments   Comments

    I'm sorry but these new Disney channel shows just don't make sense an are pointless. Along with the movies. Why don't you make a new channel since you have Disney XD Disney Jr and the regular Disney channel. Just put all the good old shows and movies on that channel!! Like Kim possible the proud family even Stevens Lizzie McGuire that's so raven etc. and the ORIGINAL classic movies. I remember they used to show halloweentown ALL the time along with the suite life of zack and Cody. This new Disney is annoying and me along with everyone I know hates it! Just please I beg... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    disneyfan101's Picture   disneyfan101    0 Comments   Comments
  • "I Didn't Do It" Pilot Episode

    In the pilot episode of "I Didn't Do It," the main characters' parents go out of town. They have a 91-year-old woman babysit them. Shortly after the parents leave, the old babysitter passes out. The main characters think she is dead. Instead of calling the authorities and their parents, they throw a party. They pick up her body to stash it in the basement, and then accidentally drop her down the stairs. She lands in a laundry basket and they decide that's a good place for her during the party. Up to this point, it still hasn't been revealed that she isn't... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Rapmadrob's Picture   Rapmadrob    1 Comments   Comments
  • Jessie

    Stop putting down the characters! The theme seems to be "you can keep on trying but you won't succeed". Jessie's "countless auditions" and Ravi barely has any friends and he isn't really good at sports, and Bertrum was bullied in junior high but still isn't happy! and the disrespect these kids show to their nanny and to their butler, shouldn't you teach children they can accomplish anything? To have respect for everyone? The only characters who never seem to be disrespected are Luke, Emma, and Zuri. More...
    (Cable TV)
    agirl's Picture   agirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Advertising inappropriate for younger audience

    I find the new advertisement "that's so gay" with Hilary Duff completely inappropriate for the target audience that are watching these shows. I have little ones watching Dora and the commercial came on. While I approve of the message that it is intending to make, I disapprove with the shows you are choosing to air it with. My middle schoolers are aware of this word and how inappropriate it is but I really don't think you are doing any parents favors or discouraging the use of the word when I have to try to explain it to 4 year olds who are inevitable using it because... More...
    woodclanfive's Picture   woodclanfive    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney Channel Racism

    I find this show offensive. I was adopted from India, and Ravi is just horrible. He constantly uses a fake accent, acts like a nerd. You only use blondes as main characters, they are often stupid in your portrayal. Dark haired people are nerd, emo, or just mean. African Americans have attitudes. I would actually stop thinking that racism is okay. You are a bad example to kids. More...
    Ravenmoon12's Picture   Ravenmoon12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney channel is horrible

    Disney channel use to have good shows like Lizzie Mcguire, That's so Raven, Proud family, Kim a Possible,etc... Now it just has dumb shows like Dog with a a Blog, that is a very bad show, and it doesn't show morrals, and has very dumb jokes. I also hate liv and mad die, shake it up, good luck Charlie, Austin and ally, etc.... If you are going to continue to make bad annoying shows you might as well pit re runs of the old shows, because right now Disney Channel is at an all time low. And also the movies have gone downhill too like radio rebel or clod 9. Please take these comments... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • i miss the old disney, not only me but teens all over the world

    disney sucks so much. it has become a disaster. what happenend disney? i miss the old shows like thats so raven, lizzie migcuire, phil of the future, even stevens. those were legendary. it had jokes and was utterly funny. disney yoou have ruined my childhood. you use to teach kids lesson. disney was a channel for teens. it made us realize that we were apart of all the characters we grew up with. at least do re runs of the old show or might as well make another channel with all the old shows. disney channel now sucks, i want the old disney that i grew up with. bring it back. please just... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Good Luck Charlie in NYC

    I was very disappointed in the show Good Luck Charlie In NYC. I was shocked at the way Disney portrayed the parents dealing with "Santa". The mom and dad trying to find out what Charlie wanted from Santa so they could get it to make Christmas special. Then Gabe knew what it was so he went out and bought. My daughter who is 8 and still believes now has doubted the belief in Santa. I am appalled that Disney (a children's show) would actually make any remarks that Santa could not be real and that parents buy the presents. I love the show but I was extremely upset with this... More...
    (Cable TV)
    JosieO's Picture   JosieO    1 Comments   Comments
  • What happened to it?

    Duck tales, Proud Family, Kim Possible, even That's So Raven. These were funny, these were smart. So why'd they get cancelled? I don't know. Why'd they get replaced with crap like Austin and Ally, A.N.T Farm and Fish Hooks? Again I don't know! This show does nothing but brag about how all of its characters are "unique" and "real" so explain why everyone of them is a drop dead gorgeous bombshell beauty or GQ and why every one of them happens to be insanely and spontaneously talented singers and dancers? The jokes are terrible, the characters are... More...
    (Cable TV)
    ThatGeekGirl's Picture   ThatGeekGirl    2 Comments   Comments
  • The sun is NOT Amarillo. The sun is yellow

    I am very disappointed in the cartoon series Dora the Explorer. She constantly uses random Spanish words. I think it confuses the child. How can you have 1 sentence that's mixed with 2 different languages. If you want to reach out to the Spanish watchers then do a separate show. And while I am at it, I'm disappointed that my daughter doesn't know who Arial or Cinderella is because Disney is trying to come up with new characters like Doc McStuffins or Sophia the First. This is what made Disney and now it's all changing. More...
    (Cable TV)
    saraha's Picture   saraha    1 Comments   Comments
  • Foul language

    My son's age 2 and 7 have just been watching HULK and the agents of smash on Disney HD and was shocked at some of the language which I would certainly not want my children to imitate (ie Bugger) I appreciate some of these words are not as offensive in America however if the shows are going to be aired in Britain they should be censored accordingly - especially at 8am, not impressed with Disney they are supposedly family ambassadors and my children will be disappointed not to be able to watch a fav show anymore. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    murphyve1's Picture   murphyve1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Commercial on Disney Channel

    I am very disappointed that Disney would run a ridiculous commercial on their channel between 6:30 and 7pm tonight (during Good Luck Charlie I believe) about Turkey Zombies. It is a frightening commercial that my 5 year old witnessed and she is totally freaked out about it now. Where is the common sense and I don't even know after all the screaming etc on the commercial, what it was even for? Smarten up Disney!!! More...
    kiki33's Picture   kiki33    4 Comments   Comments
  • Bring back old disney

    Disney channel sucks now cancel the other shows put the old ones back on you have a retard show with a dog who talks and has a blog what is wrong with you just go back to the old disney channel with that's so raven and Hannah Montana you have enough episodes to bring them back it seems like all your doing is hiding the old disney channel all your shows get bad reviews and get booted off because of the new disney that's why Shake it up is gone please just change it back. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    momo0522's Picture   momo0522    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Cancelation of Shake It Up and Good Luck Charlie

    I honestly dislike that Shake It Up is ending, seriously that is stupid. I love Shake It Up, and if your seriously going to end it then I am not watching Disney Channel again. First you take Wizards of Waverly Place away, and now Shake It Up! Don't stop Shake It Up, I love It! I also heard rumors of Good Luck Charlie ending, and that also better not happen. If it does then, your ratings are going to go down the toilet without these two shows. These two shows are the best, and they are getting good ratings, so why? The smart thing to do is to get rid of the shows with bad ratings not... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Kaley20's Picture   Kaley20    0 Comments   Comments
  • shake it up series finally

    First of all how the heck do you end shake it up before good luck Charlie. second of all that was the most ridiculous ending I've ever seen. third all how the heck does cece not remember rocky. rocky is one of the most sexiest girls that has ever been on Disney channel. I have had the biggest freaken crush on her since shake it up first came out. this is my complaint thank you and have a great day.................................I LOVE ZENDAYA COLEMAN AND 1 DAY SHE WILL BE MINE TO LOVE AND TAKE CARE OF. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    KEVONII's Picture   KEVONII    0 Comments   Comments
  • were did my child hood go ?

    i now hate disney channel why is this? there shows are rediculous and they never try to play back all those shows like thtas so raven kim possible proud family ect. those shows were peoples child hood and the fact that were not able to see those shows anymore is heartbreaking. if disney channel could at least make another disney channel but instead future all the old disney channel shows and movies ratings would blast up and i would watch 24/7 im so sad that all those good shows were replaced by these stupid ones More...
    (Cable TV)
    akidicry000's Picture   akidicry000    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disney Ducktales remastered

    I am writing in regards to your video game Ducktales remastered I have young daughter and unhappy with this game and the way you displayed Webbigail. This game goes way to far with them making reference to Bubba smashing up Webby's dolls.Then Scrooge can only make fun of her as she runs in to insane child is bashing things with a stick .He could have easily beaten her with it.if this was real I would be looking for child services to come in and take Webby away form a grown man who she calls her uncle allowing her to run into a room where a child is using a club to bash things... More...
    Tammygirl12's Picture   Tammygirl12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Role Models

    The shows hey have all lean towards being famous, popular, or having some amazing talent. The parents are either treated as peers or portrayed as idiots. They also have 12 year-olds in relationships saying "I'm in love" or "Your'e the one". On A.N.T. farm the chubbier kid is shown eating large amounts of food and the pother kids being disgusted. Also, Chyna's dad is a police officer, and in most scenes with him he's eating donuts and sitting around. I also dislike the fact that they always have that really dumb person who manages to stay in the same... More...
    (Cable TV)
    hopeymik's Picture   hopeymik    0 Comments   Comments
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